Our new eLibrary is open! This is for A level English literature students at Wrotham School – you will need to be invited to access this so Wrotham students should contact Mrs Hollinshead.

It’s so important that you demonstrate a supercurricular interest in your subjects – wider reading not only informs your understanding of the texts and their writers, but also makes you stand out as a proactive learner for prospective university, degree apprenticeship and employment applications.

This is a growing and developing resource, so make sure you keep an eye out for new additions as we will be frequently uploading them for our students.

A library you can access anywhere, and where multiple students can read the same source at once – this is a really powerful resource so make sure you’re on board!


LANGUAGE – Update 25 September

Have you seen our vocabulary page?

The most powerful part of this is that there is a link to the Get Revising website’s ‘create’ pages where you can make your own flashcards to help you build your own vocabulary. There is an example of a set of flashcards that you may wish to use – not only to revise the vocabulary, but also as a model to make your own!

We’ve also updated our terminology page with a set of over NINETY flashcards to help you learn your technical terminology. That’s a ready-to-go resource!

Literature – 19th April Update

Two exciting additions to our pages for your GCSE English literature revision.

  1. We have added a context overview for each of the individual poems for the anthology. Go to the Anthology page, click on ‘The Poems’ and choose the individual poem. Scroll down to the context button and you’ll find some really useful information.
  2. For every section of the literature exam, we have added a writing frame to help you with your practice essays. This should help you structure your paragraphs and the overall essay if this is something your teacher has highlighted for you to work on.

Welcome to the site, Year 10!

Try to be creative with creating your revision tools. Here are some ideas for sites you can use to create them:

Update – 6th June

Lots of extra information and resources are now up about the Modernist poets – and there is more to come! Have a look at the main page and you’ll see that there are now individual pages for each of the poets in the anthology. Auden has lots, Eliot has lots about Prufrock (La Figlia is to come). The others are soon to be updated.

There are also some really interesting articles that have been added to the context page for the modernists. One of them is labelled as a MUST READ so add that to your required reading.