Welcome to the site, Year 10!

Try to be creative with creating your revision tools. Here are some ideas for sites you can use to create them:


Update – 6th June

Lots of extra information and resources are now up about the Modernist poets – and there is more to come! Have a look at the main page and you’ll see that there are now individual pages for each of the poets in the anthology. Auden has lots, Eliot has lots about Prufrock (La Figlia is to come). The others are soon to be updated.

There are also some really interesting articles that have been added to the context page for the modernists. One of them is labelled as a MUST READ so add that to your required reading.

Update – 30th April

We’ve added some more revision tips to our pages and a really lovely knowledge organiser for Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Romeo and Juliet, the Anthology Poetry and An Inspector Calls. These can’t be used as the only form of revision, but make a good PLC/checklist and a nice cribsheet to run through on the morning of the examinations. We’ve also added a context knowledge organiser for Romeo and Juliet.

Update – April 23rd

We’ve added a new practice paper 1 in the form of a video. We’ve added it to the section A page for you – remember to complete it in timed conditions if its to be effective practice.

There are also some new Mr Bruff videos attached to some of the anthology poem pages for GCSE. They include Mr Bruff talking through student exemplar poetry essays and give you some great ideas for comparison. Scroll down to the bottom of the pages for Ozymandias, Tissue, Kamikaze, War Photographer, Poppies, Remains, London and Bayonet Charge.